Custom Orders

Custom Orders

We are so grateful to have been receiving many orders for customized designs over the past few months and we have embraced the challenge of creating the designs of their dreams for our customers.

Taking on custom orders involves meeting or corresponding with our customers by email, phone, or Zoom to ensure we understand what the customer wants. It also involves us communicating with the artisans in Guatemala to check if they can and are willing to create the design.
If a design is woven for the customer according to their idea, we need to ensure that the artisan feels comfortable to create the design. Many villages in Guatemala have their very specific, individual design and won't re-create the designs of other villages. Also, the weavers we work with specialize in specific weaving techniques, so not every weaver will or can create every pattern. It is of the utmost importance to us that the weavers decide which design they will create for us - or not.

The custom designs we created this year range from pillow cases, bed sets, and dog coats made from vintage textiles to bags, Japanese obi belts, ponchos, minister stoles, and table runners made from locally sourced organic cotton that was botanically dyed and hand-woven according to our customers' wishes.

We are excited for many more custom-designs in 2022!

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