Ixmuyal partners up with Cultiva

Ixmuyal partners up with Cultiva

Ixmuyal is excited to announce that we are partnering up with Cultiva, and that 5% from Ixmuyal's net profit will go to Cultiva this year.

🌱 Cultiva is a wonderful community organization operating out of Panajachel, Guatemala. They are dedicated to eliminating internal and external poverty by teaching families in Guatemala to plant vegetable gardens to improve their nutrition and to help them out of food insecurity through mentorship.

🌱 Did you know that 79% of indigenous children in Guatemala are malnourished?
This means they get sick more often, and they have a difficult time focusing in school, which leads to greater dropout rates. The lack of education then results in limited employment options which again lead to poverty. And so the cycle of poverty continues from generation to generation.
🌱 Cultiva aims to break the cycle of poverty by teaching people how to grow their own food, and thereby showing them that they have the power to improve their own life.

🌱 Ixmuyal is proud to partner up with Cultiva and to support them with 5% of our net profit this year. Please check them out on Instagram @cultiva_international, follow them, and support, if you can! 🙏

🌱 We have a few more things lined up, so stay tuned for updates on our partnership.

And remember: With every Ixmuyal purchase, you not only support Maya weavers, but also the families mentored by Cultiva.

Photo: Greg (Cultiva), Michaela & Vanessa (Ixmuyal) during a visit to Cultiva's headquarters in Panajachel.
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